From front to back

Last week the NME launched their “face lift.” I’m not quite sure how they’ve really changed, but I’m guessing not too much as they’re still stuck on slightly-crap “top 10” lists. Their “Which albums are perfect from start to finish?” list is alright, but really uninspired. Maybe I’m just partial because I only care for three of 60 albums listed (or I’m assuming this was a reader-submitted pile of crap – which never equates quality). The only three that made me shout there: “The Stone Roses” (Yeah!), “Pleasure Priniciple (YESSS!) and “Purple Rain” (Can I get a WITNESS!). Take a look through it here and see if your perfect albums made the list.

Since I feel my music tastes were largely ignored. Here are some of my perfect albums.

1. London Calling

I’m actually shocked this album didn’t make anyone’s list. It’s 19 tracks of pure perfection. Everytime it’s played, there seems to be a suprise track that you’ve almost forgotten about that makes you think, “Good god. I forgot that this is literally the best shit ever made under the Sun.”

2. After the Snow – Modern English

Flute solos in dreamy 80’s New Wave. That is all. Oh and the single most beautiful single of 1982.

3. Avalon – Roxy Music

There’s lots to love about Ferry and the gang, but their last effort is, well, effortless. The sound is like floating in a pool at some posh place you’ll never be because in reality you’re lying in your bed (and it really needs dusting).

4. Otis Blue: Otis Redding Singing the Blues – Otis Redding

Otis Redding really hits a soft spot on this album, and not in a bad way. The soul singer, in this album, is at the perfect point between the past and future of soul. Track after track offers a different layer of magic.

Which albums are perfect for you from start to finish?

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