Just Can’t Get Enough Pt. 2

London has officially lost all sunlight. Goodbye warmth and happiness. See you in April! Since it will be night by the time people return to their homes at night, there needs to be an artificial light. That can all be achieved by mind-blowing Motown.

To keep things bright and sunny while the weather turns grim, I have turned to Martha & the Vandella’s “Jimmy Mack.” This delightful 1967 single is candy-floss pop perfection. There’s a yearning for a lost love and a calling for his return.

The video below is a smile-inducing video of Martha Reeves & the Vandella’s performance. You can feel the warmth glowing from everyone. It’s enough to make your sweet tooth ache, but on days where it’s rainy and sad you need a strong dose of something. Just check out those groovy back up dancers!

If the original isn’t enough, watch the delightful Bananarama -spoof by Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders. Music to the ears (actually, joking aside it kind of works).

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