My top 50 best super albums of the year 2013!

God am I glad that it is December 4th because we all know what that means – the new year is here! Time to unleash…THE LISTS! Any album released after today does not count, so don’t even try. Because we don’t like you.

Oh, you’re still waiting for that list? I’m sorry. I think I’ve only listened to three albums that were released in the past twelve months. If this is the kind of crap you’re looking for probably you’re reading the wrong blog.

But for those of you maybe not as delusional or as out-of-touch as I am. There are some really good (and some kind-of-okay) journalists out there actually writing rather nice lists. Maybe I’ll actually listen to some of those albums one day instead of just reading about them. They are really nice reads for the tube:

Seriously, though, I never understood the importance of these lists. Do musicians feel some sort of pride by being voted the best by one publication and 9th by another? Do any of us actually care? Or is this just some ridiculous form of journalism that will never die?

When I was younger, I was always be furious that The Smiths never made a “top ten albums ever of all time.” Now that I’m older I understand that The Queen is Dead is probably not the best thing to put on toast. But STILL. We like to rank music so much. Music is not film. While film can (sometimes) be argued about what is good and bad, the same cannot always be said for music. These lists are fun to go through and bitch about so perhaps this is what their evolved purpose is now.

Some people really enjoy minimalism, others like Rush.

Maybe one day the way people appreciate music will evolve beyond listing, but it’s looking doubtful.

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