Two thousand zero thirteen party over

Oh the festive season will soon be over and it will be greeted with both relief and fear (who isn’t looking forward to qualifications and massive essays? Say me!). But let’s not let the fear of the New Year get in the way of any last celebrations. Finally it is the one day of the year that we can all listen to glitzy glamour and all that is good without any shame. Although it is all-so-obvious, my favourite pick to ring in the year will always be Prince’s “1999.”

The actual ending 1999 was over a decade ago now. Feel old? The days of Y2K and the big scare seem quite hilarious in retrospect, but I remember sitting in front of my parents’ Gateway 2000, watching the clock and holding my breath just HOPING the world wouldn’t end.

But, alas. The world didn’t end and we can still continue on listening to Prince every single New Years Eve.

“1999” is a typical 80’s Prince single fun-fare: funky and full of synth. There’s loads of interesting bits about the song too. The first two lines are sung by band members Lisa Coleman and Dez Dickerson (two of the three members who would do the harmony for the song). Further fun fact: Prince performed all the instruments on the track. Can’t say the little man doesn’t work hard.

But this track is anything BUT hard work. Nothing feels more dance-able than this little ditty. Even though 1982 is over three decades ago and Y2K now seems archaic, we’ll let it slide a few more years. Apocalyptic dance tunes never go out of style.

Psssst…doesn’t this year sound a little bit like a Monday?

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