The Olympics of national anthems

It’s time for the Winter Olympics in Sochi to get moving. There’s something about these games that actually makes sport interesting for a short time. The opening ceremonies were...interesting, but one of the shining moments lay with one word: patriotism. Whenever a country emerged that belonged to where some of my friends came from (represent Spain and Montenegro) or my own home and adopted countries showed I whooped and hollered.

Strange how competitiveness makes you feel patriotic. Seeing the US team made me want to fly on the backs of eagles over the Great Lakes and the Rocky Mountains. One classic moment of the opening ceremony last night (other than the singing of  ‘Get Lucky’ with the Russian Police Choir) was the performance Russian national anthem.

So in the spirit of all things ‘sport’ and ‘cheering’ and stuff. Here are my favourite national anthems. Because it matters.

The Russian:

The Italian:

The Croatian – This one just has that stately business going on.

The Mexican – It’s the sort of song that gives you that flying feeling in the pit of your stomach (or see: ‘soaring).

The French – Nothing is better than an anthem about killing people with bayonets. Plus the coolest ‘chorus’ of any: ‘Marchons! Marchons!”

Anyway, as far as I’m concerned, this will always be the true national anthem for Russia:


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