Dancing and moving and grooving


Oh god it is Valentines Day! Hooray! Whether or not you’re with a honey, I sure hope you won’t stay in and feel miserable (it’s just not worth it). Go out and dance. That’s the solution for every situation. Right? Right.

Whether alone, together or with someone special there are plenty of songs that like to tell us how to move and groove. Plus, if you’re not in the mood for loving tonight, listen to these instead:

1. ‘At the Hop’ – Danny and the Juniors

So sock hops weren’t exactly a type of dance but the song does mention several different dances the first generation of teenagers could do while out dancing. Slop, stroll, and chicken at the hop. Early rock and roll was famous, though, for being the time when girls stopped dancing and started screaming, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t want to move.

‘The Loco-motion’ – Little Eva

Now there’s no actual ‘loco-motion’ dance, but it is certainly one fantastic tune. Quad City DJ’s has a better chance at creating an actual train-themed dance. All we do know about the loco-motion is to swinging your hips and to jump up (and back). Whatever that means, just make it up as you go.

‘The Twist’ – Chubby Checker

‘The Twist’ is one of the most recognisable dances in history (that and the macarena). No one did it better than Checker himself. Something so simple as a hip shake was actually quite shocking at the time. The video below is from Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction during the famous dance competition scene. Thurman and Travolta dance to ‘You Never Can Tell’ by Chuck Berry but you can still see Checker’s dance still alive and well in their swinging hips. Maybe not as daring as it was in the 1960s, but still as good.

‘Time Warp’ – The Rocky Horror Picture Show cast

Unlike the loco-motion, the Time Warp has given set dance moves. They’re even in the lyrics! It’s essentially the ideal song to put on at a party. The clip from the movie has to be of the greatest party we have all wanted to be  a part of.

‘Born to Hand Jive’

Something about growing up in a small farming town in Wisconsin breeds uber-competitive 9-year-old girls. Mostly it was about who knew the hand jive and who could do all the hand moves the quickest. God knows why, but it’s further proof that Wisconsin still hasn’t moved on from the 50s.

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