London for such a very long time

My poor home is still in the midst of a terrible winter. My dad’s bees have all died (poor little bees). It has been a very sad season indeed for poor Wisconsin. But London has given me some hope. Friday brought freezing rain, but Thursday was warm. The trees are beginning bloom. There’s hope. Always hope.

What I was reminded of was the two years ago at this point in my life. I had been living in London for over a month and was beginning to finally feel like I belonged. There were long walks in Kengsington Gardens around the Round Pond and finally getting myself sorted out. Because, you know, your life feels pretty deep when you’re living in a different country at 20.

There was one moment that I remember running to catch the train with two of my friends. We barely made it as the doors immediately closed behind us. I was breathless from running, but I remember feeling a strange connection to the city at that moment. I was listening to The Sundays.

So Spring is finally arriving soon. I can only hope it brings that sense of breathlessness to London again.


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