The delightful interactive Sound of the Smiths

soundsmithsAnyone who is a massive fan of a band will at some point in their lives try and learn everything possible about the history of the musicians. Although in some cases we prefer to keep the artist’s personality and their music separate, there are many cases where we can’t get enough of the stories and ridiculous antics that happened behind the music we love.

Enter the new interactive timeline on the Smiths’ official website. And it really is interactive The visitor can scroll through a visual delight of important dates like ‘first gig’ (The Ritz in Manchester) and listen to the songs that were performed on the set list. You can also read about the singles and see what tracks charted in the UK.

For fans that have already read Morrissey’s Autobiography or Simon Goddard’s extremely thorough Songs That Saved Your Life, you won’t be finding any new information about the band. The timeline mostly includes information about the charts, singles, gigs and album releases. Unsurprisingly, there are a few unfortunate stories left out.  All that aside, the timeline is still a nice look through and a lovely listen to have a visual timeline.

It’s not like any of us want a reunion anyway, but it’s definitely worth a visit.

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