A change in direction for the American of London

It has been very difficult to write lately. Very difficult. My semester at grad school has been very time consuming and thus the blog has been on a steady decline. It has become really tiring to constantly be writing about music when I don’t even know what I should be saying anymore. So I’ve decided to change the blog.

I will still be spouting nonsense about music that no one cares about (and the music people do) when I feel like it. But I have also decided to include other things such as general thoughts on journalism, feminism, my life and this grand city of London. The life experiences that I’ve been having this year are too great not to be writing about. That’s what I wanted American of London to be about to begin with: me in London with cheesey music references.

So we go back to square one, but I think it will be worth it.

Be on the look out for different things. Maybe I’ll even write about Basket Case some day soon.



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