Me and my new BFF Rae

Something happened over the past week. Since finishing reading Peter Hook’s Hacienda: How Not to Run a Club, I have become interested in 90s British music. This strange occurrence probably began when I started dating my boyfriend who’s youth seems to be filled with such tunes. Brit pop and acid house (and all that cal) seem to have evaded much of American radios. It’s a shame because it’s pretty brilliant. Oh and I hate grunge and wish I never happened.

This new found affection has been only supplemented by the E4 show My Mad Fat Diary. The show began its second season in February, and as usual I’m two years behind. The show follows the real-life diaries of journalist Rae Earl and her struggles with her weight and mental illness. The show changes the time from the 80s to the 90s. What is delivered is a fantastic look at problems that seem to have surpassed its decade and deals with issues in a very relatable fashion.

The show aside, the music is unbelievable.  My boyfriend (who has now joined in the watching feast) constantly is trying to remind himself of every song that hums in the background of the show.

I pride myself in knowing a lot about many things when it comes to music, but definitely not the world on 90s Britain. Who ever picks the tracks should win a fucking medal. The opening credits is the infectious Charlatans’ tune ‘One To Another.’ The new bands that I have been to exposed to might be staples for many others, but I have been delighted in a new shop of music confectionary. The current favourite? Clapham house group Stereo MCs’ ‘Step It Up.’

It is really easy to like My Mad Fat Diary. Sharon Rooney, who plays Rae in the show, is fantastic. Her portrayal is very honest. It’s painful at moments, but as a viewer it can be easy to relate. It’s never tiresome or too heavy but it also doesn’t skim on the pain of what it’s like to struggle with anxiety and depression.

I’ve been delighted to enter Rae’s world in Lincolnshire. She, in a way, can be that friend that most of us never had as teenagers struggling with acceptance. You root for her and also want to ask her if she’s got any music recommendations.

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  1. I’ve heard good things about this show!!!!! I’ll have to find it now that I know that you like it too.

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