Record Store Day 2014 releases announced


It is almost that time of the year again: the magical and mystical celebration of Record Store Day. It has been eight years now since independent record stores began celebrating their magic. The UK will be celebrating its 6th year in the tradition. Today the lists have been revealed for the RSD releases.

I’ve personally  found that RSD has gotten a little big for its britches and pretty far from its purpose. There’s a One Direction release this year. I suppose records are for everyone…? Eight years ago the day was about buying great records and eating pizza in your favourite shop (free pizza – in a record store!). It was a really great way to support local businesses as well as giving back to your music community. The Record Store Day releases are what have made it problematic (that and the trendiness of the turn tables on Instagram).

No longer is it about supporting your record stores, but it is about buying rare and over-priced records. My local shop at home barely run any sales anymore. The people who flip records can go to hell, and so can the record companies who dish out the ridiculously over-priced records. People will pay the prices, though, and for anyone who just wants to go out and have a good day day are likely to have a struggle.

But RSD should be every day of the year, really. Not just when there are rare records released on one day. The point of this all is to celebrate indie shops. They’re the ones that care about the customers. All that bitching aside, I really like unusual records so I still get really excited when the lists are revealed. It’s just a shame that limited releases have people pulling each other’s hair out instead of feeling a sense of comradery.

So what’s it like at your shop on RSD? Is it peace and love or hell? Any releases you’re looking forward to this year? I personally can’t wait to celebrate my first in the UK. There are lots I can’t wait for like Adam & the Ants’ ‘Dirk Wears White Socks’ (which I have NEVER found before), Joy Division’s EP ‘An Ideal for Living’ (which I’ll never get my hands on), Roddy Frame’s releases and Jake Bugg’s live album. Should be a fun year.

As much as whine, I love it. And I will continue to go every year they’ll let me.

* Just a note, these are the releases for the UK RSD, which is also on the 19th. The US releases can be found here.

“Before we post the #RSD14 list and everyone gets excited (or not) about the titles on it, we wanted to say: We do this because we love record stores, and they are behind everything we do. There may be aspects of Record Store Day you don’t like, don’t understand, think could be done differently or better. You may hate every title on the list, or refuse to visit on 4/19 just on principle. We get it. We understand. And we hope you understand that at the base of everything Record Store Day is or ever will be is the record store and the folks who love it as much as we do.”

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