I’ll meet you at the Cemetry Gates

I love cemeteries. I really do. There’s something tranquil about sharing a nice walk with a few hundred corpses. Back home my best friends and I even have a couple that we like to occasionally visit. But London is home to one of the most gorgeous cemeteries ever. Highgate Cemetery in North London is well worth the trip from south of the Thames.

The Cemetery boasts being the spiritual resting place for the likes Karl Marx, Malcolm McLaren and author Douglas Adams. Even though London’s Spring hasn’t bloomed yet, there was still such a gorgeous sight to see when my boyfriend and I visited on Wednesday. I took plenty of pictures and felt completely at rest for the first time during this crazy semester.

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Always and forever the best piece of music for a nice spring walk through the cemetery is the Smiths’ “Cemetry Gates.” I still don’t understand the misspelling in the title, but I always enjoy the subtly of the mistake. I love listening to The Queen is Dead at this time of the year. I have faith that there will be a rebirth of happiness. Strange to find it hiding in the a cemetery.


  1. Good photographs, especially the one of Karl Marx’s grave. I must visit Highgate Cemetery soon. Have you been to the Brompton Cemetery in West London. It is another of the Magnificent Seven cemeteries built in the Victorian era. It is well worth a visit.

    1. Thank you! I have never been to Brompton Cemetery, but after looking at some photographs I think I will have to take up your suggestion! It looks absolutely stunning.

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