Just can’t get enough pt. 7

One of my earliest memories of music was sitting in the church parking lot on Sundays in my mom’s car. My older sister and I would sit together and fight over the radio (Sunday mornings were always 80s pop, even if it was 1995). God I was a demanding little brat, though, and I would often win the fight on sheer volume alone. My favourite was ‘the cat song.’ The cat song? ‘Stray Cat Strut’ by the Stray Cats.

At four, I didn’t understand what rockabilly was. I don’t think I could even dress myself. But those early years gave me a fondness for catchy pop and early rock and roll (which I often confused with swing music because everything old was swing music to me). What I was also given was an unusual love for that moment in time where the two were married in music.

Enter: the Polecats, Levi and the Rockats, and the Jets (not these Jets, but the way). These rockabilly revival bands, although a pain in the ass for those who hate kitsch, were great to me. In these warm days when I’m not continueing my Brit Pop obsession, it’s this that’s clogging my ears:

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