It’s all rock and roll to me

If it has some how escaped your attention, that blabber mouth Courtney Love has decided to make another bizarre rant again. This time she was targeting Bruce Springsteen and his E Street Band (that latter of whom was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame). According to Love, “saxophones don’t belong in rock’n’roll.” Of course everyone is entitled to their opinions, I just really disagree with hers.

The woodwind instrument has long been in rock music and its deep roots. Although it was originally one of instruments made for use in military bands, but it was later found in most jazz bands which, you know, was one of the predecessors to rock. And I mean, this guy is all I really need to mention.

The saxophone isn’t the most ‘classic’ of instruments in rock. You don’t look inherently cool playing it. But since when did rock have rules? We are better than that. We piss on  those rules and those expectations. Rock can do whatever the hell it likes.

But instead of moaning about it, I’ll just counter her opinion with a playlist of some of the best songs in rock. Oh and they all also happen to include the saxophone.

And yes. I played alto sax for eight years. No shame. Sax for life.


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