And some days life pummels you

I’ve been watching a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer later with my free time. The most recent episodes I’ve rewatched are about Buffy’s initial struggles when she arrives at UC-Sunnydale. She has it pretty rough. She has a tough time making friends and then she has a roommate that doesn’t stop listening to Cher’s ‘Believe’ on repeat (oh and she’s a demon).

These episodes are just too relatable at the moment. Thankfully there are no actual life-threatening ass-whooping demons in my life but it has been those types of weeks where everything seems to knock you back down. The most recent set back being the cancelled Echo & the Bunnymen gig that I was suppose to attend this Saturday.

I suppose missing a gig isn’t much of a big deal, but missing the chance to see one of my top three favourite bands perform live really has gotten me down. I suppose these feelings come after wave and wave of bad news happening at the moment.

But Buffy has the right idea. Things aren’t great for her, but at the end of every episode she kicks some demon ass. Whether its missing that dream concert or the lose of an old friend, I can’t let this get me down anymore. So here’s to Buffy. Our heroes are just as weak and strong as we can be. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

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