De-stressor loop

The day ‘Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)’ re-entered my brain was a good day. The US3 tune was a standard in my young days. I can still imagine the amusing looks my sister gave at the ‘bitty-bitty-bob’ and it still manages to make me chuckle.

It is strange how certain songs can completely leave our minds for years at a time to only reappear as memories. I can’t even recall the last time I had listened to this song. I didn’t even know who it was by until a few weeks ago (thank you Google for understanding my ‘funky funky’ search).

As the final weeks of my independent grad school project approaches, I find myself getting in a bad mood more easily. This song has been a definite lift for particularly stressful days or for those days that I find my fingers no longer want to write. It is possible that there are multiple listens and shame-less dance sessions to this groovy tune every evening when I return home.

‘Cantaloop’ has had a warm welcome back indeed.

Herbie Hancock is one of my favourite pianists. His original ‘Cantaloop‘ is fantastic and well worth the listen.

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