An American Abroad

For the next couple weeks this blog will be something a little different than the norm. My lovely family will be flying to London to visit me before we embark on a trip through Europe.

I have been to the continent once before two years ago on a trip with my father. I saw Paris, Munich and Edinburgh, and while we had a reasonably good time we encountered about every problem you could: a stolen phone, a UTI, all sorts of questionable illnesses, and either constant downpours or unbearable heat. Anyway, fingers crossed this time things go by more smoothly.

In honour of the new lands I encounter, American in London will be more of…”An American Abroad.” I have a few posts scheduled in my absence. At the end of September, I’ll be back in Britain and life (like this blog) will return to normal.

(Also, I’m not going back  to Paris, but the thought of not posting Gershwin just seemed like a shame).

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