Wicked Wednesday

Turns out it is already the 8th of October, which is possibly the most obscene thing that has happened to me today and that’s including the bizarre video I watched this morning. There has been a lot of soul searching in the past week (mostly because my laptop has been broken – amazing what that does to a person) about the direction of this blog. That happens a lot as I seem to write about the ideas for  this blog more than that actual writing. But as every person in my life has told me: just keep writing.

So the “just keep pushing through” has arrived at one idea. Even though we are a week gone, this month there will be something eerie taking over: Wicked Wednesdays or “spooky tunes you need this October.”

This Wednesday is a particularly skin crawling soundtrack from the 1977 Italian horror film Suspiria. The film follows a young ballerina who has just moved to a new academy in Germany. She believes there to be a coven of witches controlling the school. What follows is a generous blood bath of gore and horror. Dario Argento’s masterpiece is more than just a visual feast for the eyes – the music is crafted so well you’ll find yourself looking over your shoulder to see if someone else is sitting in the room listening with you.

Goblin, produced the score for Argent’s movie and still preform live with screenings of the film. The result is one of the most interesting soundtracks of the time. Just take a listen to the main theme:

There are more familiar themes from 70’s horror like The Exorcist’s “Tubular Bells” or Halloween‘s main theme, but “Suspiria” is one of the most effective.  The combination of the sweet chiming bells and the indistinguishable yet threatening whispers makes for one fantastic opening number. It’s dark, verging on unsettling.

The rest of the score follows suit: screams, heart-racing drums, the simple silence of someone breathing. A bit dated perhaps, but nothing has ever come close to being as terrifying as anything produced after. Suspiria has a soundtrack that is a necessary listen at this time of the year.

Just maybe don’t listen alone.

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