American of London graduated – in London

I don’t typically write posts about my private life, but I thought an update was well over-due.

Yesterday was the graduation ceremony for my course and I officially gained a Masters of Arts degree in Journalism. This was possibly the longest span of time I ever had to wait for something to end (I did nothing with my university for the past three months). Aaaand it has me left feelings….”meh.” Unlike my undergrad at UWM, I don’t have the same passion and obsession for journalism that I used to have. But now with uni off my shoulders I feel like I can finally start working towards what I want without being judged.

That being said, my writing is pretty much on hold for now. I started an internship today to help pay for my visa application, and it’s not exactly doing what I want as a career. Unfortunately this also means I have less time to write and certainly a lot less space in my week to be working in journalism. But I will be trying as hard as ever to keep my mind turning and the words flowing because nothing would be worse than to give up entirely on a dream.

Because there just aren’t enough great female journalists in music, and there aren’t enough writing about what needs to be said. I want to publish my book on the Paisley Underground one day and…probably start writing it too. There is just so much I want to do and it may seem like I’m not moving very fast, but everything will happen with time.

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