New Year’s Honours

The new year is actually a pretty depressing time of year. The media gets lazy with rehashing old stories and best-of lists, people rub their new marriages in everyone’s faces and we all get reminded how many terrible things can happen to the world in a 12-month-period.

But New Year’s Eve can also be a time of hope. Resolutions? Sure! Will they ever happen? Never! But hope is there and there’s certainly plenty of new years songs to go along with this optimism.

But if party anthems or U2 aren’t what you’re after or you are looking for a song to nestle in your heart to share a bit of pain, try “New Year’s Honours” by London-based band Another Sunny Day.

For those unfamiliar, New Year’s Honours is (according to the UK gov website) a list “that recognises the achievements and service of extraordinary people across the United Kingdom.” Fair enough. But Another Sunny Day isn’t exactly referring to receiving an OBE, although that could be pretty funny. The melancholy lyrics are bitter and sad about realising the need for love.

Plenty of fish in the sea and no one biting (perhaps lyricist Harvey Williams could have tried being less depressing). It’s actually probably something a lot of people are thinking about at this time of the year.

How about that for getting the new year out to a nice positive start?

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