I’ve looked every where-wolf

Being newly unemployed (or rather, my internship has ended) has given my life a new meaning: nothing at all. But having no job or no internship for the next month and a half will have to be inspiring. I shall write every day, clean, learn new crafts, and maybe even start on that novel.

Or maybe just watch the men at MST3K every single day.

Although I watched many of these as a kid, I think most of the goodness was lost on me. Over the past few years, Mystery Science Theater 3000 has become a favourite show of mine. Especially the ridiculously catchy songs.

In episode 904 titled Werewolf, the boys were particularly on point (after Gamera, of course).  The girl-group heartache just splits the sides. The song includes some of the best lyrics of any MST3K song:

“But just then his hairy paws caused the wheel to slide! I screamed! Too late! We hit a tree! He died!”

Well, whose story is this, Carol?

But there are times where the movies are so incredibly bad themselves, the songs are already there to give pure entertainment like in the Pod People episode. It definitely sounds like “Idiot Control Now” but whether or not I can’t get Joel’s voice out of my head is another mystery.

It has become my new destiny in life to spread the Mystery Science love to the UK. In many ways the shows are really American, but in a great way.

I am currently in the States for a few weeks as my student visa has expired and I have a wedding to attend in California at the end of the month. Exciting things, but always crazy. I will be back in the UK in March or until my visa gets processed. Who knows when that will be. Thanks immigration!

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