Lady Killer Issue #2



Lady Killer Issue #2

Story by: Joëlle Jones and Jamie S. Rich
Art by: Joëlle Jones
Colours by: Laura Allred

Last month hit-woman Josie Schuller was taking out Russians as a Avon representative and taking on motherhood in the suburbs. This issue’s killing does not disappoint. She’s just as strong and snarky as before and it is spectacular to read. Each panel is filled with fantastic action and illustrations. But while cleaning up the kill with Peck (her partner of sorts who readers first met in the first issue), she’s told that she needs to report to headquarters, which sounds about as much fun as being sent to the principal’s office.


She meets with her boss, known as Stenholm – a big man with a face that would make Reagan cry, and has to sit through a bit of a chewing out. This issue, readers are given a little more insight to the Josie’s past, and it is revealed that she has been a hit-woman for 15 years, quite a long time according to boss man. But Stenholm isn’t pleased that her personal life is beginning to seep a little too much into her work. He demands more out of her work. This including beginning to clear out her timetable. Pressure on Josie is beginning to mount and things are beginning to look a bit suspicious (especially to the also-suspicious mother-in-law).

The next target on the list might be a little more painful than taking out a useless, sexist thug.

Jones’ drawings of Josie are breath-takingly spectacular. Even dressed as a Playboy bunny-type in a pussy cat get up at the Kitty Cat Club, she still looks strong and unbreakable. But as the series continues on, the question becomes just how strong is she? It’s difficult at times to balance a home life and a normal career, let alone one as a secret hitman. Will it have to come down to a choice?

There’s something dark coming Josie’s way and it’s a bit unsettling, but whatever happens next, it will sure be exciting.

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