Make sure you have expert timing

A good friend of mine was married last weekend. It was a glorious wedding in which I got to leave arctic Wisconsin to enjoy the sunny weather southern California had to offer, then partake copious amounts of dancing and cupcake eating. Like many weddings, there was a DJ (good to have for said dancing part). Thankfully this one had enough sense and taste to blend great songs (“Bizarre Love Triangle”), newer hits and those songs that never fail to be at every single wedding – I’m looking at you Kool and the Gang.

There is something about weddings, though, that allows us to throw away our inhibitions and enjoy these sorts of songs that have become tacky or perhaps a bit dated. It might be our love for the wedded couple or the large amount of free alcohol included, but whatever it is music just becomes easier to enjoy.

And yet, all of these is just my roundabout way of admitting that Carl Douglas’ “Kung Fu Fighting” has become my latest obsession.

Right, well. It had to come out some time.

The 1974 single has somehow eaten into my brain and taken control of the command center. Like the over-played YMCA or Macarena, “Kung Fu Fighting” has become a golden hit of tacky wonder. But one night at a bar in Kennington when the disco tune came on, I had a realisation that this could be one of the greats.

Tacky? Yes. Worth listening to not drunk? Totally.

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