Arthur & Merlin offical trailer premier

The official trailer for the upcoming film Arthur & Merlin has been released, and it seems to hold plenty of promise.

The story is a familiar one: a boy fulfilling his destiny to unite the tribes of Britain. It is a tale of mystery and lore, and in the case of this Marco van Belle directed film – plenty of magic. But this time, King Arthur and Merlin are fighting a druid who threatens to end the Celtic people.

The casting and set design for the film appear to be spot on. Those films smart enough to allude to the druids as a powerful and ancient people are getting something right (the Marion Zimmer Bradley novel Mists of Avalon is the key example of what it means to truly under stand the story). I had the pleasure of meeting Kirk Barker, who plays the role of Arthur, at October’s London Film and Comic Con. And, of course, got to see the incredible throne that was made for the film. Both were as lovely as each other.

Many recent adaptions of the Arthurian legend haven’t quite hit all the marks – missing either the right dynamics, getting the period completely confused or even neglecting to put any sort of interesting spin on the tale. Exploring the relationship of the king and the merlin is one of the most important in the entire legend. It is the bond between the old world and the Roman world of the isle of Britain. If the trailer is anything to go by, Arthur & Merlin certainly promises to be an excellent film.

Watch the full trailer below. More information and behind the scenes goodness at the Arthur & Merlin Facebook page.

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