Lady Killer issue #5 review


Lady Killer issue #5 of 5

Story: Joëlle Jones & Jamie S. Rich
Art: Joëlle Jones
Colours: Laura Allred

It is the Seattle World’s Fair in 1962 and despite all the excitement in the city, hit-ladies Josie and Ruby have bigger, deadlier things on their minds. Last issue the two bonded with each other over a common cause: wanting out of their contracts with their lives. This is only obtainable if they take out their former colleague Peck and boss Mr Steinholm.

In their ultra-classy World’s Fair worker disguises (which are like a cross between Jackie Kennedy and Pam Air flight attendants), the two head out into the fair to take control of their fates. As suspected, it appears as though Mother Schuller knows more than she lets on when she recognises Josie’s mysterious accomplice Irving Reinhardt.

The final fight is pretty intense, and things really go awry when things don’t quite go as planned. Twice Josie is pulled away from a major kill to be directed elsewhere. Each time she puts utter trust into her cohorts despite her intuition causing her to pause. Josie leaves not entirely sure of the outcome of the battle, but when she’s caught covered in blood by Mother Schuller, she leaves to join her family. This scene is a symbol for what the entire series stood for. While Josie is good at what she does and generally enjoys it, there are people that count on her that she is willing to sacrifice and leave everything for. In mid-century America, that choice is a luxury not many women would have been allowed to make, but making that decision gives her all the more power.

As the last issue closes, it is clear that something more is waiting for Josie, but that’s for another time. Issue #5 was an incredible closing to the series. The art was as moving as always, Jones out did herself again. The dialogue was kept to a minimum to show off the intense fighting, and it worked all the better for it. The same probably has continued throughout the series, though, that it was almost too big of a story for such a short run. There were many characters that were worth exploring further that never really got developed, but thankfully there was always enough of Josie’s character to really keep things alive.

In Rich’s closing letter, he states that he will no longer be a part of the future of the series as he leaves to be a senior editor of Vertigo. But this does confirm there is in fact more in store for Josie. After the huge success of this book it is entirely unsurprising there is more coming from the utterly magnificent Jones. If the future is to carry on in the same spirit of this extremely enjoyable five issue run, there is so much to look forward to.

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