Can’t go to San Diego for Comic Con? London has a fix for that.

San Diego Comic Con begins in just a few days. Let’s face it – this is where everyone wants to be and no one can get to. And if that isn’t painful enough, it seems like every media outlet just like to rub it in with plenty of “preview” coverage to make you cry. Want to learn the latest about the new Star Wars or see that exclusive Ash vs Evil trailer? No. No you can’t.

But for those in lands far away from California, New York or Chicago, there are still fantastic options. For Britain, there is no better comic con than the London Film and Comic Con at Kensington Olympia. There will be three days of famous actors, popular comic artists and a large number of authors. Oh and so many things to spend money on you’ll need to take out a small loan.

From July 17-19, there will be no other place in London filled with more stars than LFCC. Everyone under the moon from Back to the Future to Gremlins and even the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise will be there. October’s Winter edition of the con was plenty of fun – with Q&A’s with Ralph Macchio and Alan Ruck. So chances are this summer’s con promises to be even better yet.


  • Back to the Future cast “Return to the Future” Q&A
  • Sigourney Weaver
  • Kevin Eastman
  • Half of Westeros
  • More Doctor Who cast members that you could name

Personal highlight:

  • Zach friggin Galligan

Tickets are selling out quickly now that there are only a few more days before the convention kicks off.

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