Archie vs Predator issue #4 review


Script: Alex de Campi
Pencils: Fernando Ruiz
Inks: Rich Koslowski
Colours: Jason Millet

This Cover: Faith Erin Hicks variant cover 

The bad idea was relying on boys to do things for us. Boys never do anything right.” – Veronica Lodge

Issue #3 left Betty, Veronica and Archie in grave danger – face-to-face with the Predator. Dilton’s Archie-bot invention malfunctioned leaving Archie in peril – not like things were going well to begin with. Nearly all of their friends are dead and the end of Riverdale seems to be looming overhead. Things really did not look bright for the heroes.

The predator leaves the three kids alone, but not without the hunter seemingly called Veronica by Betty’s name. But clearly Predator is catching on to things, and he might even have a crush on Riverdale’s most popular blonde. With Archie pretty much left incapacitated, the two ladies need to join together to win. There is, of course, still that looming jaguar dagger curse left to finish off. But of course, the two struggle to work together. Betty doesn’t believe they have a hope without Archie, and Veronica is ready to take her destiny into her own hands.

“If I’m going to die, you can bet it’s going to be in couture.”

The girls can’t bare to live without their Archie so they hook him up to one of Veronica’s father’s machines. Of course Veronica being a supreme woman of science, she turns the dial up to 11 – much beyond the suggested level of 4. “Veronica Lodge ain’t got time to read.” What does this machine do? Who needs explanations? No one, and it’s best if you laugh instead of asking questions.

But before they head into the panic room that was installed by Veronica’s father, the two girls attempt to take on the predator themselves. This is where things go south pretty damn fast. But would it really be a Predator book if there wasn’t intense and gross violence?

Also, there is a scene that I HAVE to mention where the predator is wearing Betty’s lucky scrunchie. Um. This is probably the best part in the entire series. If not, it at least sums up this whole cross-over in one panel: utterly insane.

But will the kids make it out alive? Well, things definitely don’t go to plan. The ending is so weird. So wonderful. So off-the-wall. So zany. There really couldn’t be any other way to end it (and there will be no spoilers here – the ending is so worth reading yourself).

This particular variant cover was one that I was really looking forward to since the day I first saw a preview of it on Dark Horse’s website. Faith Erin Hicks (The Last of Us) did an amazing job. The great covers and variants were half of the fun buying this series. Dancing Predator has me pissing myself every time I look at this cover. Poor Archie.

There are a lot of mashups out there right now. Probably too many, and a majority of them are really awful and/or completely unnecessary, but AvP is a bit cheekier and smarter than many of its counterparts. Alex de Campi’s writing is SO on point with this issue. There were several moments that were pretty damn hilarious (if brutal over-the-top violence is your thing), and as usual, she made plenty of remarks about the relationship of the two teenage girls.

Archie vs Predator was a great short series. Was it really one of the best things to come out this year? Well, probably not. But it was worth a read. The writing was really great throughout. The covers and art were above and beyond. If b-movie or slasher horror if a delight to you or you enjoy watching worlds collide, this is definitely a series to check out. And who really would pass up a chance to see two icons on the page together? If you would, then well – you’re no friend of mine.

Missed out on buying the series? Can’t be bothered to look for back issues? Still want in on the fun?  The Archie vs Predator deluxe hardcover will be on sale at comic book stores on November 4th.

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