Horror Block July 2015 unboxed


Within the last two months or so, Horror Block have decided to throw more ‘spoilers’ out there for their blocks. July’s box promised to include two items from some of my favourite horror-related things: An American Werewolf in London and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Needless to say, I was looking forward to recieving this box SO much. When the box arrived at the office, I couldn’t open it quickly enough. But faster than it took to cut that brown packing tape, my excitement dropped to disappointment.

This, ladies and gents, was not a good month for Horror Block. But let’s take a look:

1. “American Werewolf” shirt

They got me there. This print is pretty cool, but Christ, if they hadn’t added that small image of the Elizabeth Tower (“Big Ben”), I would have thought this was just a werewolf shirt. So I’m disappointed that this wasn’t a throwback style shirt or something like that. Definitely doesn’t scream An American Werewolf in London, but I’m assuming that’s because they didn’t have the right to make an official shirt. That aside, it still is a pretty cool shirt for being a werewolf shirt. This is actually the first shirt that I’ve received that both fits AND I’d want to wear.

2. The ‘bonus’ t-shirt

The pamphlet that comes with this box says, “Since you’ve been getting Horror Block, we figured we’d throw in a bonus shirt from our Classic or Arcade block so you can see what you’ve been missing!” WELL THANK YOU! Nothing says getting your moneys worth like getting a leftover shirt from a block you have zero interest in. I guess I was semi-lucky because the one I happened to receive a shirt with Jay and Silent Bob on it. They also happen to be dressed as Batman and Robin because…yay nerdy things?  But I did luck out here based on several of the unboxings I watched on YouTube. I saw several people received shirts from Far Cry 4. I thank my lucky stars that I was not burdened with that.

3. Walking Dead car decal 

Hi. I live in London where I never need to have a car ever again. Yay. Walking Dead fans have to be some of the luckiest fandoms out there. There are always items from that show lurking about in boxes. Unfortunately, my…sticker is going in the bin. Sorry, dudes.

image4. Spike Titan figure – Horror Block Exclusive

Why did it have to be this? Am I the only one that is severely creeped out by these Titan figures? There is just something so unsettling about their weird bodies. It is the antithesis of everything I love about Funko Pop figures. I do have to say, at least this one is vampire Spike because at least the nice face sculpting takes away from that creepy body. But still, there was an exclusive in this month’s Nerd Block of Spike – esentially the same thing but with a black shirt and no blood. Horror Block fans have lucked out on this one.4

5. Rue Morgue August 2015

What would I do without you, oh Rue Morgue? If I ever cancel my block, you will be what I miss the most.

6. Choose Their Kill DVD

For some reason, Horror Block have been promoting the shit out of Choose Their Kill. This series by Crypt TV is a sort of like those “choose your path” books, but with picking out people die. This just feels more stupid to me than fun. It was actually really boring when I did attempt to go through some of the chapters.

I must be getting old.


Not every box can please an entire crowd, but I felt like this box was made for me. Well, it should have been but we ended up with a pile of crud again. This might be the last box for me. I could care less about stickers and cheap DVDs I’ll never watch. Horror is such a vast genre with loads of dedicated fans. It would be nice to see them branch out into different territory. I might end up holding on for one more month, but I really couldn’t tell you why.

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