Horror Block September 2015 unboxed


This month’s of Horror Block is full of exclusive items, and it’s a pretty good block. To be completely honest, I’m hoping that this month’s was a bit quiet because they’re gearing up for October’s. And I’m really hoping October’s block is great or, well, they’re really doing something wrong here. As far as I know, though, there haven’t been too many hints yet. As far as I know, there will be something Child’s Play related which makes me want to die. I hate Chucky, but at least I will be given plenty of nightmares for the Halloween season, right?

There’s not too much to say about this month’s items. But there’s plenty of pretty great stuff here (and two items for the fire pits):

1. Silence of the Lambs “death’s-head moth” ShirtPunch t-shirt – exclusive

I do love ShirtPunch‘s t-shirts. Almost every month they knock out something good for Horror Block. This month’s death’s-head hawkmoth is straight out of a Silence of the Lambs cover. Of course it’s not technically licensed, but I do enjoy the subtly of it.

2. Night of the Living Dead DVD + exclusive Chronicles of the Living Dead documentary

One of the things I was looking forward to most was receiving this item in this month’s box. It wasn’t until I was opening the box that I had a horrible realisation. I had already seen Birth of the Living Dead and thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it was a fascinating bit of documentary. Thankfully, the documentary included is Chronicles of the Living Dead. It’s likely that most subscribers will already own this classic on some format, but it’s really cool to have Chronicles attached to it. It’s also Region 0, as far as I can tell. So I can watch this no matter what country I am in. This was definitely one of the best calls Horror Block has made in a long time.

3. Rue Morgue magazine October 2015

This month’s issue is chock-full of great articles. One includes a selection of horror-related albums which, of course, intrigues me to no end. And there are some picks there that I hadn’t ever heard of before. The cover article is a look at 125 Years of the Ouija Board, which is a pretty unusual (but great) subject for a horror mag. I know I say this every single month. But I love Rue Morgue dearly.

4. Horror face coaster set – exclusive

Not entirely sure why anyone would put a coaster on their face, but why the hell not? These are pretty funny, and I suppose would be a hit at any party if you are lucky enough to have friends that aren’t faint of heart. Each coaster has a different gruesome mouth on each side. Typically in these subscription boxes, the coasters are pretty flimsy cardboard, but these are a bit more durable. Check out Paladone‘s website for more pop culture inspired bits.


5. Night of the Living Dead magnet set – exclusive

Magnetic poetry can be kind of lame. For years no one touched the Top Gear magnetic poetry on our fridge. It wasn’t until I actually moved in and started fucking shit up in the flat that I finally broke the words out of their little box. But this Night of the Living Dead set is much, much cooler than any car show. I mean, who doesn’t know “They’re coming to get you Barbra”? Nothing like leaving a little threatening message to whoever left out the milk last night.

6. Aliens 2-pack Titan vinyl figure set

I HATE THESE THINGS. I HATE THEM. There is just something that really grosses me out about Titan figures, and I think I finally put my finger on it. Every figure (including the xenomorph) looks like they’re wearing flared trousers. They remind me of this rollerskating rink in town back in Wisconsin. This was when Nelly and Avril Lavigne were massive and that “All these bitches crawl” song. You could buy Sour Punch Straws and buy these weird glitter stickers with these tacky cartoon characters on them.  That’s what these things remind me of and I just want to BURN them.

Though, I suppose I should say this is a pack of two figures. One of the xenomorph and one of Parker (Yaphet Kotto). I do believe that each box had the same pair. There’s a full crew of these figures if you’re so inclined to actually own all of these demon figures for some ungodly reason. I subrscribed to the Classic Block for October as well (mostly because they’ve promised Jem and I can’t live without some Jem), and I received an email promising “two vinyl figures” for Ripley fans.

If I get two more of these. I will bury them. Curse the ground they are in. Then wash myself of their filth.

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