American of London Halloween (the most wonderful day of the year)

IMG_0019Isn’t this the best day of the year? Halloween has always been my favourite day of the year, especially when I was super young. I loved dressing up and always loved picking out what my costume would be (for a solid number of years, it was always Jasmine). There’s something so special about this day of the year: one part nostalgia, two parts scaring the crap out of yourself. It’s a day that works for kids and adults unlike any other holiday. It can work as being as light-hearted or as menacing as you’d like.

Now being an American immigrant in Britain, I have to constantly pull my husband and friends to get into the spirit of things. It’s really not that big of thing here. That’s pretty strange considering the origins of the holiday. This is my third Halloween in the UK, and I can already tell there is a growing following for everything Halloween.

That being said, I forced my poor husband to go all-out this Halloween. This, of course, included splurging on all the horror-related DVDs anyone could want. Eventually I had to stop myself before grabbing everything, so the selection is about as typical (or “classic) as you’d expect. With all the horror movies being on sale for the holiday, it took a shit load of restraint not to buy everything, including those I had never heard of. Hands down the worst thing about today was finding Suspiria for £18. Way to rain on my parade.



Another new annual tradition is the Halloween ComicFest. Like Free Comic Book Day, publishers release a selection of free comics for readers to take home. I always find this pretty interesting because there can be all sorts of interesting and quirky stories coming out of the woodwork. There were quite a few available this year, but I have to take pride in being fairly-well restrained.

I love old horror comics and those inspired by them like the Archie Horror comics “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.” It was great to see Sabrina make an appearance as well as the usual Archie comic. There were loads of really cute little books as well like the Vampire tale “The Garlicks.”


So even though I’m often the odd one out on today, I will always continue to be the crazy lady obsessed with Halloween. Maybe one day I’ll even invest in a nice Halloween tacky jumper? Today my husband and I went to see John Carpenter’s Halloween at the Prince Charles Cinema and it was really fun to watch a great horror film on the day. Plus the night showing has been sold out for days. Maybe there are fellow Halloween-obsessed peoples running amok somewhere.

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