MST3K Mondays comes to RiffTrax!


Who says Mondays are awful? Well, probably everyone. But thankfully there is now a little bit of salivation for the beginning of the week. There is now the MST3K Monday to look forward to every week, thanks to the crew over at RiffTrax.

The old Mystery Science Theater 3000 group consiting of Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbet are releasing favourite episode of their former show each Monday. RiffTrax have been releasing new content since their website launched in 2006. The two shows will compliment each other in a most beautiful way.

MST3K Monday is great news, especially for foreign audiences. It can be a bit tough to get a hold of the gang’s older material as region-free releases are far and few. Those of us outside of North America can all finally enjoy our MST3K with the freedom of the internet.

This Monday’s new additions are The Pumaman and the absolute classic, The Final Sacrifice. The episodes will be available to download and stream from the RiffTrax website for $9.97 (and they’ll be yours… forever!). Check back every Monday for the next episode. Each of these two episodes will include a lovely intro from Mike Nelson himself. Just watch the announcement video below to feel those jittery, excited feelings:

If you’ve seen every episode of MST3K and would like to try something new – RiffTrax are always uploading new riffed movies for your viewing pleasure. Thankfully this is a group of comedians whose humour has aged extremely well.

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