Just Can’t Get Enough Pt. 15


The longer I’m in Britain, the longer I yearn for the “sounds of home.” I have to admit it can be pretty strange to claim Van Morrison as American property (mostly because he’s actually from Northern Ireland), but it’s the R&B soul sound that is so familiar that I think allows me to pull him into the fabric of what are those long Wisconsin roads. Lately I’ve not been able to stop listening to “Domino.”

Actually, it’s one song I have to listen to twice in a row (or pair it with The Stampeders “Sweet City Woman”). “Domino” was the highest charting single for the Northern-Irish singer. Yes, even beating out “Brown Eyed Girl.” It was written by Van Morrison as a tribute to the rock and roll icon Fats Domino. I never figured out how that worked lyrically other than the closing lyrics and, of course, the chorus. But Van Morrison was always paying a great homage with his white soul music. “Domino” is probably one of the strongest examples of that.

Incidentally enough, even though it was written to Fats, the piano part doesn’t stand out to any particular degree. To me that just seems a more logical choice. But rather, “Domino” has that unmistakable brass part after of the choruses is almost more recogniseable than the vocal chorus itself. It’s a really fun song that I think the brass section really enhances. So while it might not make the most sense, I’m glad that’s the way things are.

I don’t know, but I get the feeling that someone really didn’t give a shit about the sleeve for this single. It’s pretty much the album cover from His Band and the Street Choir, BUT GREENER! Oooh exciting. Wow. But perhaps it’s just because it was the first single released from this album. Granted Van Morrison was never a musician with the greatest album artwork, but I suppose we can forgive him because he gave us some infection tunes.

*If anyone is wondering, which I’m sure you’re not, Vinyl Friday is currently on hold while my husband and I move to our new flat over the next few weeks. Records are getting packed up and our little player will need to be fixed up before I can continue with that series.

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