Ash vs Evil Dead Ep. 4 “Brujo”


All puns intended, this was one trippy episode. “Brujo” was pretty mystical part in the storyline and really started to show the challenges for the Ghost Beaters the lay ahead. In the previous episode, Amanda was left to deal with the deadite bookshop owner while Ash and his gang headed off in search of Pablo’s Brujo uncle.

Poor Amanda. Really. She’s hands-down the most boring character in the show, but I keep praying they give her character more of a personality in the future. Anyway, this girl has gone through a lot. The death of her partner, being harassed by Ash and attacked by plenty of demons. Death by Deadite doesn’t sound fun, but thankfully Lucy Lawless Ruby is there to save the day because she’s seriously the most bad-ass person ever.

Back with the Ghost Beaters, Kelly is sick which can only mean possession by demon. She’s struggling to keep herself together which is only made more difficult once the Delta is under attack by the pure evil, dark forces that were kicking their asses at Value Stop. The Delta seems on its last legs, but thankfully Pablo’s uncle’s place is only around the corner. The man is so well-defended that the evil stops dead in its tracks.

The “Brujo” in question is not pleased to see his nephew, as he believes that Pablo was acting weak by abandoning his culture and family to “find himself.” But he agrees to help Ash anyway as he believes that the nut-case is an actual Jefe. He sends Pablo away to help Kelly while he and Ash get down to business.

But there’s probably more than just evil on their tracks. Ruby and Amanda are still in the bookstore getting to know each other a little more. Ruby tells Amanda that they are both after the same man – Ash. According to Ruby, Ash let the evil loose one night at her parents’ cabin. The spirits then went on to kill her entire family. Since that was not how the original trilogy went, it will be interesting to see what happens in the future once Ruby and Ash finally get to meet each other. Buying Ruby’s story, Amanda agrees to join her in the quest for Ash. Ruby turns down Amanda’s offer of police help because she has something much better: Ashs’s dead hand, which is now alive and looking for its owner.

Pablo decides to make a different hand for Ash after his own wooden one was left back in the bookshop. While he’s busy playing with his gadget, he misses Kelly’s increasingly odd behaviour. She goes into the other room of the trailer where she looks at her reflection. But in the mirror isn’t the sullen girl, but the demon they thought they had banished in the shop.

Ash and the Brujo get to work talking about what Ash’s destiny may be. The Brujo has as much faith in Ash as Pablo does. It’s actually a bit sad to see that Ash still has no real faith in himself, despite is cocky nature. According to the Brujo, it will take Ashs’s understanding of his own power to win. His own lack of self-awareness is what will let him down. Ash takes the potion handed to him and readies himself for the trip ahead.

And what a strange trip it is. He sees Felix the Cat, his dead girlfriend Linda and… Jacksonville, Florida? The Burjo tells Ash that his answer will lay somewhere in that city. Even Eli the breaded dragon makes an appearance to help urge Ash on in his quest.

But while Ash is trying to search for himself, he’s completely unaware of what is going on in the real world. While trying to “help” Pablo, possessed Kelly electrocutes the boy. She runs to the Brujo for help. While the witch doctor goes to help his nephew, Kelly/demon begins to possess Ash’s mind. He ultimately begins to control his mind by choking the demon in his trip. But in the real world, he’s choking Kelly.

The episode ends with Ash getting knocked out by Pablo. It’s clear that Kelly is still possessed. It’s strange that no one really seems to have considered this yet, but I hope this isn’t something that lasts all season. Kelly is a great character that shouldn’t be pushed to the side with a demon sub-plot. That being said, evil Kelly is pretty awesome.

“Brujo” was another strong episode in the season. I’m hoping that bits of the story will start connecting soon, though. And I’m really looking forward to what Amanda and Kelly’s relationship will be like. Hopefully it will bring some life into the fairly-dead Amanda storyline.

Now I don’t mean to be one of “those” people, but I think the balance of power, strength, intelligence and humour is fantastic. Each character has their own strength without relying heavily on boring cliched tropes. In many ways, I think it could have been really easy for the writers to sit back on the same, but a lot of these characters (especially Pablo) are so well-written and interesting that I’m completely invested in them. There’s really no better group of people to watch trying to defeat evil.

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