Gremlins with Zach Galligan at the PPC


Thanksgiving is tomorrow, which means that the Christmas season can officially start on Friday. If you’ve been celebrating any earlier, you’re not doing it right. Christmas is a holiday seeped in personal traditions, and one that I’ve begun here in London is seeing Gremlins each year at the Prince Charles Cinema. But this year has an added bonus: Billy Peltzer.

Yes from Wednesday to Saturday, actor Zach Galligan is doing a live Q&A and a meet and greet at the cinema. The PCC will be showing both Gremlins and Gremlins 2: New Batch, and Galligan will be talking at all nine showings.

I saw Galligan talk back at the last London Film & Comic Con. He was comfortable, interesting and really in love with the fandom that loves him back. I always find it refreshing when actors are really involved with their fan base. At this point, I’ve been to many a panels at various conventions, but Galligan always reaches the top for me.

The stories he shared on Wednesday night were funny and interesting, even if this was my second time hearing some of them. He obviously gets the same questions time after time, but he never answers them with any sort of fatigue.

The Q&A was before Gremlins this evening, and it was unfortunately all too short, perhaps just enough time for six questions or so. Since this was the first showing, the house was packed and full of enthusiasm. Guests were also able to receive a photo and an autographed object if they wanted.

I’ll be seeing New Batch on Friday, and I’m really looking foward to hearing some new stories about the film. Galligan suggested he come back every year as a new tradition, and that would be one I would certainly hold on to.

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