Gremlins 2: New Batch with Zach Galligan!




Another day. Another Q&A with the ever-lovely Zach Galligan. Friday was the third night the Gremlins actor was at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square, but the night included both viewings of the first film and it’s quirky sequel, Gremlins 2: New Batch.

On Wednesday night, Galligan made it clear that he had a special fondness for the original 1984 movie. At the final Q&A of the night, he reiterated those thoughts by sharing stories about how strange he really thought the sequel was. But he still likes the film and all of quirks. For anyone who has yet to watch the second film, Gremlins 2 is not much like its predecessor. Gone is the cozy adventure and instead it’s a comedy filled with flying colours and some gremlins with serious personalities.

Galligan pointed out the relationship of the two gremlins George and Lennie, and expressed that those two were his favourite gremlins in the whole movie. For the first film, he said that director imageJoe Dante tried to include as many movie references as possible, this would be just as obvious in the sequel that even enjoyed satirizing itself. It’s definitely not as beloved as the first film, but Galligan did day that he sees a constant rise in the number of people who prefer the comedy.

Gremlins 2 as a movie was fantastic to see at the PCC. Like many of the showings, this movie was on film, which always really adds a fantastic effect, especially when the gremlins take apart the film… in the film. It’s so much easier to pick up on a lot of Dante’s subtle humour by watching the movie on a large screen. The audience was very appreciative and probably one of the best groups of people I’ve ever watched a movie with in public.

Galligan was a real champion this week. He did four Q&As on Friday alone. He made sure to answer plenty of questions and to take pictures with everyone and sign what they wanted. Six out of the nine shows he did this weekend were totally sold out. He’s clearly won over London, and it has officially been confirmed that he will be returning to the PCC next year around this year.

On a personal note, I have had the opportunity to say hello to Galligan on several occasions this year, and I have avoided it every time due to nerves. But tonight I got up and had my picture taken with him and got my original novelization of the movie signed. He was really kind. He recognised several of the fans who had introduced themselves before and was really patient. He’s a true gentleman and I can’t wait until he’s back in the city again.


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