Ash vs Evil Dead Ep. 9 “Bound in Flesh”


Nine weeks ago Ash started his new journey with co-workers Pablo and Kelly. In those early days, it was obvious that Ash’s next chapters were going to be interesting and brutal, and as the finale looms near, “Bound in Flesh” delivers on that promise.

First, remember Evil Ash? He’s back to stir up trouble for Ash and the Ghost Beaters. Though, Pablo and Kelly seem to have gotten to know Ash well enough to eliminate the Evil Ash themselves by detecting Evil Ash’s racism against Asians and Real Ash’s desire to lay his life down for himself – the only person important enough for the honour.

After Pablo and Kelly take out Evil Ash, Ash tells them that his hand has the ability to grow new a Ash. And before the group are able to take care of the Amanda situation, the campers from the last episode reappears outside of the cabin looking for a place to crash. On their walk, Pablo uses his time to flirt a bit with one of the blonde little ladies. Shame she’ll most definitely die.

Ash continues to be an idiot. At least that’s a very strong continuity. While he’s cutting apart Evil Ash’s body, the bloody soaks into the Necronomicon, which allows it to speak to Ash. There’s a pretty cute bit where the book asks what Ash thinks he’s even capable of, “Have a family? Be President? Get rich?” (Campbell has two kids, played Ronald Reagan in Fargo and probably makes a fair amount of cash). This must be why Ash seems to be able to brush off it’s words well enough. But while he’s busy getting belittled by a book, he loses Amanda’s corpse.

She’s too busy terrorising Pablo, Kelly and the hikers. Can I just say that while Amanda was a pretty damn boring character, she makes a BAD ASS Deadite? Holy crap. While Amanda killing the hikers was pretty predictable, it was still super, super enjoyable to watch. And just when things couldn’t get more exciting, BOOM – Lucy Lawless it back and more badass than before. But before Ruby can kill off Amanda, Pablo’s hiker babe distracts her when she screams.

Ruby forces Pablo and Kelly to take her to Ash, where finally Ash and Ruby get a scene together. The two are arguing over the contents of the book and who is indeed the rightful owner (which I assume is no one because that book belongs in Hell), and what they need to do to finally get rid of the Necronomicon for good. Ruby provides her Deadite-killing blade and tells Ash that the book needs to be defaced.

Nothing in Ash’s world is ever simple. And Ruby is certainly not bringing good news with her. She drops a rather big bomb that only certainly guarantees a whole lot more of shit that lies ahead for the Ghost Beaters, and certainly sets up the sorts of trouble awaiting them for the next season.

“Bound in Flesh” certainly sets up some goodness for the finale. Though it’s almost certain that it’s going to be giving more questions than answering them. I enjoyed watching some more of the chemistry between Ash and the kids. They’ve gotten pretty good together over the course of the season. Ash rightfully turns the kids away, but makes Pablo and Kelly take them down the path to civilization. Plus there was some more of that ridiculous homour thanks to the use of a certain Bill Withers song.

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