Loot Crate April 2016: Quest

When I cancelled my Horror Block for the final time, I really thought, “This is it. The end of a strange attempt at liking subscription boxes.” Then I saw a Facebook advert for Loot Crate’s April box, promising treats from Labyrinth and Harry Potter and I was sold like the complete idiot I am. But I’m glad I paid for another Loot Crate. I find their boxes are pretty consistent in quality (that or I’m so easily impressed after the shit-loaded Horror Blocks), and April’s box is no exception.

Although, yes this is pretty late. The man who delivers our mail always, always tries to deliver our packages to the wrong address. And since our neighbours are assholes, no one ever gave me the collection slip. I was about a day away from this box being shipped back to the States. Thank god for tracking emails. Anyway.

April’s theme is Quest. Like last year’s Fantasy box, there are products from some big names in the Fantasy and adventure genres. It’s a solid collection of bits, including that item that everyone is probably going to throw away. But most importantly: socks.

1. Uncharted 4 poster

I’m not really sure who this item was aimed for, but I’m sure there is someone out there who is pleased to have both new socks and a low-quality poster! Since neither my husband nor I play Uncharted (or anyone else we know), this went straight into the bin. Definitely the worst item of this box.

2. D20 ice mold – exclusive

I am a fan of fun ice trays. I can’t remember from which subscription box this came, but the Alien ice-tray still remains a favourite item I ever received from one. This D20 ice mold is pretty cool. I’m not entirely sure when I’d ever use this, but I’m pretty certain that this mold would be good for whisky (as a constant beer and gin drinker, I literally have no clue).

3. Labyrinth t-shirt – exclusive from Ripple Junction

Oh Bowie. The loss of a great man is still felt, but at least there is solace in the fact that Labyrinth has literally everywhere these days to celebrate the musician’s film career. It is quite a good time to be a fan, especially with the 30th anniversary approaching later this year. As one of those fans, I have to say this shirt is pretty damn perfect. Jim Henson must be beaming down from Muppet heaven.

Bonus: the image features Sarah in her ballgown from the scene that is simultaneously the most magical and creepy!  A personal favourite.

4. Vikings drinking horn with strap – exclusive from Chronicle Collectibles

A co-worker of mine received his box over a week before mine arrived. We had after-work drinks and he was using this drinking horn. Needless to say, it amused a lot of us and impressed the rest. Since it’s plastic, it seems like it will be easy to clean, but probably difficult to have a cold drink. But whatever, fill this bad boy up with mead and grow out your beard: this drinking horn is great.

5. Happy Potter socks!!!!!!! – exclusive from Hyp Hosiery

I own four pairs of socks. Three are more hole than socks, so new socks are always welcome. They’re especially welcome when the socks are Harry Potter themed. This pair of black socks are covered in Horcruxes. They seem to be pretty good quality and they’re a bit squishy. All ideal things to look for when wearing socks.

6. Quest pin

Okay, so I’m not really sure if this counts as an item since there is a pin in every box. But I really like this one. While I really never use a D20, The shield shape just looks really appealing. Several boxes came with a gold version.

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