Surviving a comic con


Flash-filled picture brought to you by my ineptitude with cameras.

MCM Comic Con London day one is in the books! It was a pretty quiet first day spent mostly scoping out the new layout in the Excel Centre. I do have to say that each time MCM really improves in its layout. The convention this year is a lot more compact and easy to manoeuvre.

This is also my FOURTH time covering MCM! That’s a lot of time spent running around to different panels on opposite ends of the convention centre, smelling teenage boys’ BO and getting accidentally stepped on by kids in colourful wigs. But I do love it, and I feel like a genuine veteran at this point.

And with experience comes great knowledge of how to perfect being a convention. As stupid as it sounds: this is truly an art. Above is just a glimpse into my hectic bag from today. My real camera is not in the picture as I am taking pictures with it. Turns out I don’t know how to use a real camera. See picture above.

This is the most serene my bag has ever been on a return journey from a day out at a comic con. Usually there are about 800 more bits of paper and at least something that has been pressed upon me. But I’m not worried, as the weekend is still young and there is a whole lot of business about to go on this weekend.

Tomorrow I’m going to be covering plenty of comic-related goodness. There may be a hint in the picture above (if you can see it through the tacky flash photography).

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