MCM Comic Con 2016: A geek, a villain and an adventurer


The screams of a boy in puberty 

Jeremy Shada may have a voice more recognisable than his boyish face.

The 19-year-old voice actor already has seven seasons under his belt with the award-winning and much-loved Adventure Time cartoon.

Known for the squeals and odd noises his character makes, Shada explained how he eventually found the voice of Finn the Human. His older brother Zack had performed the voice of the character (then named Pen) in the 2007 pilot that eventually wasn’t picked up by the Nicktoons Network. After following the advice how his agent suggested he try for his brother’s part in 2009, when the show was going to Cartoon Network.

While Shada followed in hid brother’s footsteps, the young actor tried to emulate him when beginning with the character. Though throughout the entire first season, Shada said he was going through puberty, which helped him to find the style of Finn’s voice.

Shada’s band, Make Out Monday, also performed this weekend on the Fringe stage.

A geek and a villain walk into a panel… 

Jesse Eisenberg and Kunal Nayyar both graced the MCM Gold Stage on Sunday to promote the West End premier of their play The Spoils.

By far the most popular panel of the weekend, the two actors discussed their roles in their current show, and their futures on film and television. Big Bang Theory actor Nayyar stated that he was happy for the minority role that Eisenberg had written. Nayyar’s character is a Nepalese immigrant who is roommates with Eisenberg’s wealthy, manipulative character.  Finding the character came easily to Nayyar, who said that he while he was growing up in New Delhi, he had friends who were from Nepal.

Eisenberg said he enjoys playing characters that other people don’t like. He wants to make others sympathise with people who are seemingly evil, and he’s interested in what drives them.

The Spoils, while a comedy, explores what drives these people. The rich and poor juxtaposition is something well-known to those who live in a city. English actor Alfie Allen joins the London cast, playing a character much different to what fans recognise him as in Game of Thrones. Eisenberg said that he was immediately impressed watching Allen’s audition tape, and after googling him was shocked to see the actor could play such different characters so well.

Nayyar and Eisenberg both acknowledged that theatre has long been a pastime for the wealthy, but they hope that their familiar names and the projects they are attached to (such as Eisenberg’s turn as the villain Lex Luther) will help bring young people to the theatre.

Eisenberg said that while he thought that performing live was more exhilarating and nerve-wracking than movies, he still has a love for acting on the stage, espcially when being able to humanise the dehumanised, like his character Lex Luther – who is on the surface a bad person.

As far as his future with the DC universe after Batman vs Superman,  Eisenberg says, “They just started filming Justice League, so I’m kind of like waiting for my crack at it.”


Photo by Leila Murseljevic

Overall, this was another great weekend at MCM Comic Con London. There were some truly great panels in the past few days, some among the best I’ve ever been able to attend. It has all gone by super fast, but I’m sure October version will be here in no time.

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