Horror Block May 2016


Another Horror Block, you ask? Wasn’t I officially over it when I got my last one? Well, yes. Yes I very much was. But as an early birthday surprise, I received a subscription from a friend. This was pretty much a box made for me. The quality is so much better, it’s unbelievable. I am excited about literally everything in this block. That hasn’t been the case in any subscription box I’ve ever gotten… ever. So way to go, Horror Block. Way to pull yourselves up by the boot straps.

There were seven items in this month’s box. So moving right along then…

1. Rue Morgue – issue #167

I’ve been seeing a lot of people complain about receiving a copy of Rue Morgue in every box. These people are idiots. Since I fly to America on Wednesday, this is a welcome addition to the long-haul flight. Conjuring 2 features on the cover (which needs to hurry up and be released in the UK now), and there’s an article about Joe Hill. So as always, Rue Morgue wins.

2. Penny Dreadful comic by Titan Comics

I only ever made it to episode two of this Showtime drama, but it made an instant impact. Laziness is pretty much the only thing standing in between me and getting into this show. The comic, though, is very welcome. It’s issue #1 from Titan Comics, and Horror Block even received an exclusive cover. The artwork is just beautiful, and the drawing of Eva Green’s eyes is fantastic: doll-like and dripping with Victorian gothic. It works for both fans of the show, and anyone even tempted in it. So more horror comics, please.

3. Deathgasm blu-ray

What makes New Zealanders so good at horror-comedy? From Brain Dead to What We Do in the Shadows, the Kiwis always knock it out of the fucking park. Deathgasm is a continuation of that tradition. It’s a horror-comedy about two metal-fans who accidentally summon a demon. This is a film I have not watched yet, but it will definitely be watched as soon as I’m back in London.

4. The Omen 7″ record

The Omen had to be one of my favourite horror-movie soundtracks when I was growing up. The film was so sophisticated, dark and brutal and most of the atmosphere was created by the haunting Jerry Goldsmith score throughout. Side A contains the chill-inducing “Avi Satani” while side B is “The Killer Storm.” I saw quite a few people complaining about not having record players, but alas. That’s what you get for missing out on life.

2,000 subscribers got a limited edition red vinyl, which would have been super great. But alas, mine is just regular black.

5. Jason Voorhees mask pin

Since Friday the 13th Part III, Mr Voorhees has been sporting his iconic hockey mask. This pin is a great way to sport your love for horror tastefully. I do love me wearables, and this pin went straight onto my denim jacket where it will live in its forever home. It’s a surprisingly heavy and well-made pin. From photos it might be difficult to see, but it’s rounded like an actual mask instead of a flat-back.


6. Pocket Pop! 3 pack

These little guys are seriously the cutest killers ever. The tin includes a mini Jason, Freddy and Sam. I’ve never seen a pocket pop before, but they’re seriously adorable. The way Jason has blood splashed across his machete…  I do love Funko’s products. They increasingly out-do themselves with the sculpting. They really manage to get character in these figures, despite how small they are.

But seriously, look at how good these are.

7. Gremlins “Midnight Madness” t-shirt from ShirtPunch.com

THIS is the greatest item I have ever received in a subscription box (other than that time I got that Gizmo “Peltzer’s Pets” shirt. I guess that’s the greatest). I do have a string of Gremlins related shirts growing in my wardrobe and more are always welcome. I especially love the reference of “never feed after midnight” rule and the “Mega Madness” references in the back of the graphic. Plus the character in the faces is so great.


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