Horror Block June 2016

Happy Fourth of July to my favourite home country! Nothing like celebrating your independence from a country that you emigrated back to. But still! I am back in London and finally over a serious case of jet-lag. Now that I’m fully recovered, I feel mentally sane enough to get back to business as usual. Now on this day especially, I really wish I was in the States today instead of this damp-ridden, Brexit-having country. Nothing like two weeks in the back country of Wisconsin to make you feel like some sort of bare-footed, mud-covered, compound-word-loving, red-blooded American.

But alas, I do have an actual job and rent to pay and husband or whatever. So back to real life! And what better way to get back into the sing of things than with a package from my North American neighbour, Canada. June’s Horror Block arrived today, and I was very eager after the success of last month’s block. May’s was, in fact, always going to be a difficult box to compete with in quality, but June’s showed that Horror Block has continued in the right direction.

1. Two Funko Pops!

I do love Funko’s products, especially their Pops! This month’s Horror Block included two of them, which should please any Funko fan (and probably displease anyone who isn’t). Each block contained one item from The Strain and a second from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. My box happened to have Dr Ephraim Goodweather and everyone’s favourite ultra-lame hero: Angel. These were kind of a disappointment, though, despite these actually being two really good items to get. All month long, Horror Block was boasting that the Buffy item was going to be an exclusive. Not so much. Thankfully, though, Angel is not a Funko I have despite how much I love the show. Angel drools!

2. Jaws t-shirt from ShirtPunch.com

This is a great summery shirt (especially to wear on Independence Day since – yay shark deaths!) from Sucker Punch. While I’m not the biggest Jaws fan, I think it’s a clever shirt. I do love references over obvious images at times, especially when it comes to horror where more often than not, taste takes the backseat. Also included in every Nerd Block box from this point will include a card for a $10 credit at SuckerPunch.
3. Turbokid Blu-Ray

If I’m being real here, I have yet to watch a single DVD from Horror Block other than the Night of the Living Dead/documentary DVD I got ages ago. This is what you get for making Bill Rebane a priority in your life. But word is, none of these have actually been region free which is definitely a major boo. TurboKid has been on my to-watch list for ages now and I was pretty excited to be able to watch it. Region-Free please!
4. Nightmare on Elm Street pillowcase

I thought this was hilarious. My husband looked like he was going to throw up when I showed him this. So it’s probably not going to be allowed to be on display, but still – maybe we can save it for when we have guests visiting. This pillowcase is 100% Polyester which makes will make it 100% unpleasant for sleeping.

Also, see above note on tacky horror products.
5. Rue Morgue July 2016

I absolutely tore through last month’s issue of Rue Morgue on my flight to Wisconsin. I read it completely from cover-to-cover. The article on Conjuring 2 (which was fucking great, by the way and  I really need to see it again – now, preferably) was fantastic and had an incredibly insightful Q&A with Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson. I plan on reading this month’s as thoroughly as well, despite not being the biggest Brad Anderson fan. But issue #168 is full of articles covering spaghetti splatter to The Boy Who Cried Werewolf. Keep on being great, Rue Morgue.

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