Need to read: The Shadow Glass

As some of you may or may not know, my real adult-style job involves a whole lot of books. Books about witches, magic, alternate histories and since this is Britain – countless books set in historical London. Even my own free time is filled with books mostly from the fantasy realm. When I first spotted The Shadow Glass on Dark Horse’s website back in March, I knew it was a series that I needed to read.

Rose is a student of the Queen’s occultist, Dr John Dee. She lives with her elderly father and her mother passed away when she was a young babe. When she finds out that her father is not her biological father, she runs to her old teacher for a place to stay. Unknown to her, Rose’s real father is in league with the Devil and has just arrived at Doctor Dee’s home as well. From there Rose sets off on an adventure filled with the occult and the Shadow Glass.

While I was visiting my family in America, I fell behind on most things, including comics. I kept an eye on the releases as much as I could, but I couldn’t help but notice a delay in the release of The Show Glass’s fourth issue. When I finally returned to Britain, I learned that the series had been tragically cut short of it’s six-issue run.


If you think The Shadow Glass sound good to you, you’ll need to be acting on it pretty sharpish if you want it in sing-issue form. You can buy issues 4-6 through writer and artist Aly Fell’s personal website. I received my copies of issues 4 and 5 together in a pack for £10. Fell was quick with the sending and I was very pleased to see that both issues were signed! The final issue will be available in August.

Fell has brought Elizabethan England to life that mixes a strange world. The Shadow Glass is a dark, magical fantasy that will appeal to those who love a great historical fantasy novel. It’s also worth noting that Fell has some of the most beautiful and unique artwork I have been in a comic book in a while.

The Shadow Glass is certainly a bit different than the typical fare offered today, but it’s well worth seeking out.

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