Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 5 “Confinement”


It’s Halloween! And Ash vs Evil Dead brings it all back to a classic set up: an episode in only one location. Plus the introduction of a seriously gross baddie.

“Confinement” brings us back to the bar that Ash and his party have totally wrecked. A poor doomed police officer heads into the abandoned place alone. She heads into the toilets where she hears a noise. She discovers a headless corpse tipped over the toilet and immediately calls for backup. But she’s just a little too late and immediately becomes Baal’s victim.

His “attack” is exactly how Ruby described it, completely alluring. He seduces the girl and proceeds to skin her.

“I’m not don’t with you yet,” he tells the flesh.

Ash is elsewhere, absolutely pleased as can be that he has won again. He’s singing and strutting the street only to be arrested for murder by Sheriff Emery and brought into a holding cell. There he’s reunited with Chet and the prostitute Chet was caught trying to pick up.

The cop from earlier (Ball in sheep’s clothing) lets Ash out of his cell to make his one phone call. The officer walks off while Ash picks up the phone. The line is dead, but after he hangs up he gets a call instead. This tips Ash off to demons-ville and he heads into the waiting room where the Ghost Beaters plus Ruby wait with the sheriff and his family.

When Emery gets a bit agitated by Ash, Ruby kicks the sheriff’s ass and the lady gets his gun. When he doesn’t shut up, she shoots him in the leg. So that makes things official: Ruby is a motherfucking badass.

With the demon-wielder (or whatever she is), everyone is rounded up into the same room. Ash finally tells everyone that demons exists. It goes down great!

Only it doesn’t. It takes for Emery’s daughter Lacey to insist that demons are real for her mother and father to take it semi-seriously (kind of). But with everyone in the room, Ruby tells everyone that Baal likes to take the skin of others and pretend to be them, hence the skin that Ash finds.

Ruby also tells the group that Baal likes to watch people turn against each other. With that, Ruby heads downstairs to the evidence room to get the Kandarian dagger. There she finds another cop who gets locked in the room with her.

The cop is, of course, Baal yet again. The demon sheds his second skin and starts to bang Ruby about. He’s a bit peeved that his baby mama betrayed him. He think it’s even worse that she has become mortal.

Meanwhile, Pablo is upset about a rather unfortunate rash that has started to form on his stomach, He’s convinced that he is possessed by Ball, which is weird because the boy would probably remember if he had been skinned.

Since everyone is still guessing who Baal is (unaware that Ruby has been trying to fight him off downstairs). The sheriff clearly seems to be losing is, or at least is partially controlled by a demon. He becomes erratic towards his family, and particularly aggressive towards Ash. Ash pins the idiot to the table, but their argument is interrupted by an attack from a skinless body.

While everyone is distracted by the commotion, Linda is grabbed and dragged into a cell. Ash falls for the bait and is attacked yet again. Though Queen Ruby is there to save the day and shoots the demon in front of the crew.

Back in the waiting room, Pablo isn’t looking so hot. The poor boy begins to throw up. And even worse – he’s covered in Sumerian. Everyone looks freaked. Everyone but Ruby, that is, who actually looks quiet relieved. And what the hell does that mean? Hopefully we and the Ghost Beaters find out next week.

“Confinement” certainly felt a bit more focused after last week’s “DUI.” It’s a fun whodunit filled with a bunch of idiots! The single setting really helped to narrow things in on the plot this time, and thus the story carried along much nicer.

The pace has hardly let up all season, and it would be quite nice to have things take a breather. Last season was speckled with them, and it was never boring. Like last week, things have really felt a bit too crowded. The true stars of the show really shine, it’s hardly necessary for anything else.

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