Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 8 “Ashy Slashy”


Okay. No. I am NOT happy.

It’s rare that a show like Ash vs Evil Dead goes and breaks my heart, but they did it. They absolutely went there.

Season two has been full of surprising deaths. Arguably, killing off Amanda Fisher was some shade of shocking, but she was a flat, colourless character in a world full of vibrant blood. I knew she never stood a chance. But losing Pablo? That’s a damn step too far.

The Ghost Beaters arrive at the asylum to rescue Ash. Pablo tries to garner some spirit with a team chant, but is ignored by the ladies. You have to give to the team player, he always has the best outlook on life, even when he knows that the book inside him is likely to kill him off.

As the team marches into the asylum, Sheriff Emery and Linda are begging Baal for Lacey back. The idiot pair did a deal with Baal, including having Linda lie to Ash to convince him to destroy the Necronomicon.

Of course when the Sheriff comes face-to-face with Lacey, she’s not daddy’s sweet little girl anymore, but a deadite. Kelly arrives to eliminate the threat, but she’s warded off by the sheriff. It almost makes you feel sorry for the poor bastard (almost) when he gets killed off by his own daughter, who in turn is killed off by Kelly.

Kelly, who seems to have stolen this entire episode, says her good-byes to Lacey. The show seems to have remembered that Kelly has been through some traumatic business with the deaths of her parents. It was nice to see her act so human throughout the episode. But it was even better fending off the hand puppet Ashy Slashy. Massive props to Dana DeLorenzo, who made fighting off a puppet extremely convincing.

When Kelly and Linda run into each other, Kelly lies to Linda and tells her that while her idiot husband is definitely dead, Lacey is still somewhere. She vows to help Linda find her daughter after Baal is taken care of. But Linda eventually sees through Kelly’s lies, and the girl is forced into telling the truth. They each take their turns giving speeches, and it really turns out as a fine moment for female characters in the show.

And remember, you can sink lower or ignite the fire.

Meanwhile, Ruby and Pablo are trying to hide away from Ash, who seems to be under Baal’s control. Ruby reminds Pablo that he is going to die after the spell that will rid the world of Baal. The increasingly human-like Ruby has an almost touching moment with Pablo when he tells her that he still has a lot of his life to live. And in one of the most shining Pablo moments tells her about the food stand/electronics repair show called Pablito’s Fish and Chips.

In a rather bleak political climate, I massively needed that dream to hold onto.

Eventually the gang are all back together again in one room. Ash has grabbed Pablo, and has dangled him above the ground like a pinata (well, Ash would appreciate the joke). Baal seems rather pleased with the work he has done and orders Ash to get rid of the book all together. But of course Ash isn’t really under anyone’s control. You sort of need a brain to do that.

The group all band together to rid the world of Baal. Pablo uses the magic within him to pop Baal like a black-sludgy bubble. Though, with one swift jerk of the nail, Pablo is sliced in half, and so are all of my dreams.

So is it likely that Pablo is really dead for good? I doubt it. Especially with all this “merging with the Necronomicon” business. Plus with Baal gone, there doesn’t see be any point to the last two episodes otherwise. Unless it’s just an hours of slideshows of pictures of Pablo to “In the Arms of an Angel.”

“Ashy Slashy” has certainly continued the strong second-half to the season. It will just take me a bit of time to get over this tragedy. And I’m still not even over Chet or Brock yet… which by the way, what was Brock trying to tell Ash before he died? Hmmm. Perhaps we’ll find out next week in the second season’s penultimate episode.

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