Current comic obsession: Spell on Wheels

Writer:Kate Leth
Artist:Megan Levens
Colorist:Marissa Louise
Published by Dark Horse Comics

I’ve been waiting for a new comic book series to become obsessed with, so Spell on Wheels came at exactly the right time. When I saw Dark Horse promoting the new miniseries, I knew in an instant that it was something I absolutely needed to read.

Jolene, Claire and Andy are three witches that live and work together in Boston. When their house is robbed of some important magical instruments, the girls head out to try and track down what has been taken – and to discover who the mysterious person is who has robbed them. The road trip story takes them throughout the upper East Coast, and straight into a lot of trouble.

The story is a lot of fun. Plus it stars three totally badass ladies who are honest-to-God witches (helloooo magic). The ingredients are exactly that I would throw into my dream story: feminism, magic, mystery, road trips, diversity and fabulous art.

Megan Levens is probably my second favourite Buffy artist (after the great Karl Moline, of course, who is probably my favourite comic book artist full stop), and her art was key to what I think was a much-improved season 10. She really brings out the personality of each girl, whose personalities are already different and totally fleshed out by writer Kate Leth.

It is, unfortunately, just a miniseries and is only planned for five issues. But I would totally dig in a second series. With the success of other short-run series at Dark Horse like Lady Killer, I’ll be keeping fingers crossed.

Spell on Wheels issue #3 will be in comic shops on December 21st.

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