The Man in the High Castle European premier (or the night I had “one glass” of wine)

If you’re a familiar hear, Virginia‘s name shouldn’t be new to you. My friend, former classmate, Comic Con partner-in-crime and co-worker now has a fab new job at loaded mag as a features writer.

And if you can’t live your own dream of becoming a journalist, make sure you have a friend that can.

Earlier this week, Virginia invited me to attend the European premier of the first episode of season two of The Man in the High Castle. This was one of the first press events I was able to go to that didn’t absolutely bore me to death. Plus free canapes, wine and bottles of fancy water.

Actor Rupert Evans, who plays Frank Frink in The Man in the High Castle at the show’s European premier

The show itself was one I was oh so hesitant about. Much of Philip K Dick’s original novel was covered in the first season. And really, few people have managed to surpass the man himself (the one exception being Blade Runner and they’re even attempting to ruin that).

But after watching episode one, I’m happy to report that I was wrong in my original hypothesis. This show has so much potential, and it’s pretty damn clear that the showrunners are ready to explore that.

While the first seasons tells the story of an alternate history, season two is taking a more decidedly sci-fi avenue. When the last episode of season one ended with the same way as Dick’s novel, it needed a way to explain that away while keeping true to the point of the story.

Though I won’t be writing about The Man in the High Castle. Virginia will be, though. I won’t keep my jealousy a secret, especially after living through yet another insane week at my office job that I’m rather unenthusiastic about. But nothing pleases me as much as seeing truly talented friends achieve their dreams – especially when bottomless free wine and a great show is included.

You can check out Virginia’s review here. Keep an eye on her, kids. She’s certainly someone to watch.

The Man in the High Castle season two is now available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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