Riverdale Ep. 2 “Chapter Two: Touch of Evil” recap

riverdaleLast week’s episode left audiences with the discovery of Jason Blossom’s corpse, and the revelation that he had not drown like his sister Cheryl claimed, but had been shot in the head.

Much of the episode is everyone trying to keep their lies straight. Mostly Cheryl Blossom, who’s alibi suddenly doesn’t hold water. She fends it off with things like “twintuition” telling her that the murderer is someone they all know. But she continues to be endlessly bold and fearless.

Things are getting any easier for Archie, either. He’s quickly getting tangled up in his lie with Miss Grundy and what they were doing the morning of July 4th. And it’s Jughead who picks up on it immediately, recalling that he and Archie had a road trip planned for the weekend of the 4th that was cancelled last minute (really doesn’t help that he catches his teacher and Archie sharing a rather too-tender moment). Principal Weatherbee is onto Archie as well, noting the student’s strange behaviour.

In true Archie fashion, much of the episode’s plot revolves around Betty’s attempts at forgiving Archie and Veronica for breaking her heart. The champ does her best, but ultimately allows herself to feel heartbroken. And then totally teams up with Cheryl (though this doesn’t last long after Cheryl blames Betty’s sister for Jason’s death).

The school all comes together to prepare for the pep rally for Jason, all staged by Cheryl. It’s all so deliciously over the top: the rain, the Pussycat’s frightening cover of “Sugar, Sugar” and the football team running through the banner – triggering all of Cheryl’s sadness (She stares! She cries! She dramatically runs off the stage!).

When Veronica chases after Cheryl, the red head drops a new clue when she says, “He was supposed to come back.” Shit gets even more real when the autopsy of Jason comes in revealing that he didn’t die on July 4th – but a week later.

Again, Madelaine Petsch totally kills it as queen wasp. She’s an absolute delight to watch. And it’s good to see Jughead’s relationship mend with Archie – their strained relationship was not a change I was into at all. Riverdale continues to indulge every guilty pleasure fiber in my body and I’m not ready to apologise for it.

(Cute Easter Egg when Kevin calls Veronica Madam Satan – can we please have a Sabrina spin off  inspired by Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?)


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