Lady Killer 2 Issue #4

Lady Killer 2 Issue #4
Story & Art: Joëlle Jones
Colours: Michelle Madsen

Boy oh boy has it been a long time. And no, it wasn’t me just being really behind (as usual). Issue number three arrive in shops back in November. This is getting to be at Archie Horror-level of excruciating waits. It’s not really shocking, though, considering that Jones has signed with DC as an exclusive creator this past summer. The lady has been busy turning out plenty of art for the publishing giant.

But nevertheless, the return of everyone’s favourite 1960’s killer-for-hire is a very, very welcome one.

Last issue, Josie was given a “gift” by her partner, the increasingly-shady Irving. The gift was the corpse of Josie’s husband’s idiot boss, whom Eugene was struggling with. Josie threatens Irving’s life, but eventually lets him off with a stern “piss off.”

At work, Eugene is questioned on the disappearance his boss, Mr George Robidoux, after other employees told the investigators that Eugene didn’t get on with George. And it doesn’t help that with George out of the way, Eugene’s path to George’s job is clear.

Despite Josie wanting to part ways with Irving, he certainly makes difficult for her. When Josie is caught trying to kill off a “dancer,” Irving appears and shoots the other woman. But the gunshot gives the pair away. Before Josie can leave, Irving asks her why she doesn’t leave her suburban delusion and to stop pretending who she really is.

It clearly shakes Josie up a bit to be reminded that she’s a killer, and things quickly go south for her yet again. When she returns home again, she gets her ear chewed off by Eugene. But before the couple can get into it, they hear the dog barking. Poor Duke is severely injured and their windows are shattered.

Mother Shuller sends the girls off with Eugene as he heads to the vet, leaving both ladies to pick up the pieces of their past mistakes with Irving.

I say each issue that Jones kills it with her art, but it needs constant reiteration: this woman is a boss. She has a great eye for angles and details (both of which are greatly enhanced thanks to Madsen’s colours). The story, though, is really taking off. It’s a much smaller story than the previous 5-issue story arc, which makes me think this series 2 is really a great improvement.

Issue 5 won’t be out until end of May, according to Dark Horse’s website. It’s another excruciating wait, but let’s just call it a great building of suspense.

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