Riverdale Ep. 12 recap “Chapter Twelve: Anatomy of a Murder”

Oh mother holy wow of plot twists and confessions, Riverdale.

Riverdale viewers were warned in advance that Jason’s killer would be revealed before the season finale, but what a way to wrap up this season’s biggest question.

Last week’s episode left off with the revelation that FP Jones was being framed for Jason’s murder by someone planting a gun in his trailer. But since Veronica and Archie had been digging through the trailer earlier in the evening, they know that FP is innocent (or at least Betty is incessant that he is).

Jughead tries to leave to stay with his mom in Ohio, but it told to remain in Riverdale. With nowhere else to go until the next bus leaves in the morning, Jughead goes to Pop’s where his friends track him down and tell him about the planted gun.

But FP already confessed to Jason’s murder. During questioning, he tells Sheriff Keller that he helped Jason. He gave him the money and car in exchange for delivering drugs. But after he “disappeared” on the 4th of July, FP kidnapped Jason and held him in the basement of the Southside Serpent’s bar. He then shot Jason and put his body in the freezer when Jason was about to escape. He also confesses to stealing the sheriff’s evidence from his home.

With FP’s confession made public, the rest of Riverdale react. Clifford Blossom tells Polly that morning, and says that he personally went to the station to stare Jason’s killer in the eye. Cheryl smacks Jughead around when he tries to apologise. And Alice Cooper, well, just revels in all the drama.

Jughead’s incident with Cheryl gets him kicked out of Riverdale High (or, rather, to be homeschooled). Fred agrees with Principal Weatherbee’s decision and tells Archie that he shouldn’t hang around the Jones family anymore, and implies that Archie should go with his mom to Chicago. Which is such a dickhead move, Fred Andrews.

That night, Betty and Alice hear an intruder in their house. But alas, it’s only Hal Cooper, digging out the evidence he stole from Sheriff Keller. The evidence that FP had already confessed to have stolen.

Hal tells Betty and Alice the he stole the evidence so they wouldn’t be dragged into the investigation. He tells the story again of how their great-grandfather was killed by a Blossom. But then he reveals that the man was also a Blossom. Which means many things, but most importantly: Polly and Jason are related – the real reason that Hal had wanted Polly to get an abortion.

After learning the revelation, the question becomes: If Hal went that far, how far would the Blossoms go? Then, in the middle of the night, the Coopers rush to take Polly away from the Blossoms and their little family is reunited again.

Archie and Jughead continue on their investigation for FP. Mary Andrews sits down with the boys after pretending to be FP’s lawyer. She tells them one key piece of information – that FP’s one phone call was to Joaquin.

The team, plus Kevin, go to investigate Joaquin. He admits that on July 11th, he received a phone call from FP asking for help on a “clean-up job”. He tells about how he saw Jason’s corpse, and helped FP clean up the body and store it in the freezer. But when Veronica asks about her father’s involvement, the Serpent says he heard another member of the gang, Mustang, say “something about a rich guy”.

They then go Mustang’s apartment to question him, but they find his body OD-ed in the tub. When the police arrive, they find a bag filled with cash with the initials HL on it. Which points directly to either Hermione or Hiram Lodge.

Meanwhile, Jughead takes the opportunity to visit his dad at the police station. FP does his best to convince his son that he killed Jason. But after he’s told to leave, Jughead calls Betty and tells her he knows his dad is lying.

And the group are given one more clue to keep them going. Before Joaquin leaves town, he gives Kevin a tip to check for a piece of evidence that was hidden. And they find a bag with Jason’s letterman’s jacket inside.

Betty asks Archie to put on the jacket and she searches the pocket. While the pockets are empty, she does discover a hole. And in the lining of the jacket, she discovers a USB. They plug the device into a laptop and watch the last clue fall into place. Betty immediately calls Cheryl Blossom, telling her to get out.

But Cheryl never listened to anyone. She marches down the stairs and stands next to her mother and says, “You did a bad thing, Daddy, and now everyone knows.”

The video is then revealed to the viewer: Jason Blossom is tied up in the basement of the Serpent’s bar. He’s being taunted by Mustang. But the Serpent leaves the room, and in walks Clifford Blossom. He takes the wedding ring out of Jason’s shirt pocket, and proceeds to shoot his son in the head.

Through his voice-over, Jughead tells us that his dad had agreed to admit to the murder after Clifford Blossom went to the station and threatened to kill Jughead if FP didn’t comply.

But while the main mystery of who killed Jason Blossom is solved, a whole fucking can of worms has just been opened just by asking one simple question: Why?

Cheryl knew that her father and Jason had argued before Jason died. But she hadn’t figured out what. When she asks her mother, she is taken to the barn where the maple syrup is stored. And then the police go to arrest Clifford, they discover him in the same barn. But Clifford has already hung himself, with one of the barrels of “maple syrup” opened – filled with drugs.

The questions about the Blossoms certainly aren’t over. I thought that was such a satisfying conclusion to the mystery. After reading some fan theories, I’m certainly glad the writers took it in this direction. And it’s brings things to a conclusion, all while adding more to the mystery.

There’s one more episode left of Riverdale‘s first season. And things are already promising to get worse. When Veronica returns home after learning the truth about Jason, her mother gives her the ‘good news’ that Hiram will be coming home. And if one man can cause that much trouble behind bars, what can be possible do outside of them?

Bring on all the drama, please. So far, this hasn’t left me disappointed.

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