An American of London attempts New Year’s resolutions

I’m not big on resolutions. For the last four years I’ve only had one: buy a pair of jeans. Never happened. The problem with resolutions isn’t necessarily keeping them, but remembering that they exist. But not this year. This year these bad boys are going in a blog post! You can’t fail if it’s in writing, right? Right!

I’ve wanted to make American of London a bit better in 2018. It’s my baby, and I love it. And like a good mother, I think my child could always be improved. Also, bonus reading goals because I can.

Hope everyone has a great New Year and may 2018 be better than this one.

Blog Goals:

1. Focus/Improve my writing

Let’s be honest, my writing here is not great. Often when I see my published posts I wonder, “Would anyone really want to read all this sludge?” Well, no. No they wouldn’t. I don’t ever edit posts (because I know ya’ll enjoy spelling errors). This year, I’m going to at least try to read things through.

2. Incorporate writing about more things I enjoy

American of London started off as a music blog four years ago. That all changed three years ago when I branched out and wrote about horror movies. Best thing I ever did. Same goes with sharing my love for Archie comics and Riverdale. Writing here has always been about enjoying myself, but it’s time to exercise creative muscle.

3. Watch more British films (or try to)

British films are boring. Well, maybe not all but I’ve been stuck sitting through so many that never seem to end. But you know, adopted country and all. Be a good immigrant.

Reading Goals:

1. Have less than five unread books on my shelves by the end of 2018

There is an embarrassing number of unread books on my shelves post-Christmas and Christmas sales. But come December 31st, 2018, there will be less than five. No one likes a greedy bastard.

2. Finish the Farseer Trilogy

Fitz is one of my favourite protagonists in any series I have ever read. This year, I want to finish the first of Robin Hobb’s trilogies in the Realm of the Elderings this year. And, if I’m particularly ambitious, start the Liveship Traders trilogy as well in 2018.

3. Read one of the books my husband doesn’t stop talking about (and read one Science Fiction novel)

My husband loves massive fantasy books and sci fi. I’ve always been to daunted to try. But not this year! Patrick Rothfuss: I’m coming for you.

4. Join a library

Because I’m not made of money.

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